The KPa+d Philosophy

Good design includes the basics—comfort and utility. But beyond utility lies the possibility of real delight. To create delight is to weave the ephemeral into all aspects of a solution. It is about designing places that enhance our lives and aren’t just buildings.

Like a writer, the architect is telling the client’s story through the design of the building. It starts with diving the owner’s objectives. For a private residence it might be personal comfort and taste. A developer will look for profit. An institution may be concerned about locating people and their activities. Whatever the objective, an architect has to deliver it within the realities of budget, topography, soil conditions, local codes, the laws of gravity and yes, politics. As specialists in spatial thinking, we visualize an area in three dimensions and anticipate the impact of these conditions while we organize space and maximize opportunities: connections to natural light, the outdoors, tactile experience. Ultimately, the building, like your favorite book, leaves a lasting impression. In our best projects our clients find exactly what they have asked for in a form they had never imagined.

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