Karin Payson architecture + design | Western Kitchen

Western Kitchen

In this San Francisco home, we worked with a family to transform their kitchen from a simple cooking station into a comfortable room for family gatherings and the entertainment of guests. The original kitchen was separated from the yard by an enclosed porch and a utility room. Those two spaces were joined and rebuilt, with a bay window added, to expand the kitchen toward the garden. An old servants’ quarters was sacrificed to make the kitchen larger. The new kitchen is open and airy in the suburban mode but designed to use every inch, without wasted corners. There is space for a four-person table and soft seating in the new porch (a small TV is built into the side of the island so their daughter can watch while the parents are cooking). A pantry and powder room are off to one side, toward the driveway entrance. On the dining room side, glass-fronted cabinets display the owners’ collection of decorative stemware, while the opposite wall is graced with glass tile over the range.

Photos by David Livingston