After living for many years in a hillside house whose spectacular rear views were partially obstructed by a tangled thicket of trees, a couple approached us seeking a comprehensive overhaul. Having no children, they wanted to transform their dwelling into an easily adaptable place to entertain friends and house overnight guests in privacy and comfort. By digging deeper into the hill and reclaiming a balcony for interior space, KPa+d added an extra 300 square feet on the lower level while expanding the ceiling height from eight to 11 feet – providing enough space for a luxurious new master suite. Upstairs the old master bedroom was transformed into a living room with a wine/coffee bar, conveniently situated with respect to two guest bedrooms. Using massive mahogany slider doors as optional walls throughout the house, variable levels of privacy are available to both the owners and their guests. Finally the backyard was tamed. Now the upper balcony looks over a landscaped garden and a garage topped with San Francisco’s first residential “green” roof.

PHOTOS BY Stephen Barker