The Pacific Grove Library was built and remodeled in many stages since the construction of the original Carnegie Library, which still lies at the heart of the building, in 1908.  Additions built in 1938, 1958 and 1978 have encased the original.  The 13,000 sf library of today is well loved and well-functioning, but seriously in need of renewal. 

KPa+d has designed a remodel of the library that updates the building to accommodate the way that the community uses the library today:  the stacks, bathrooms and lighting will be remodeled and brought in line with contemporary building code and practices; the old Carnegie at the core of the building will be gently restored, with bits of its style “woven” into the later additions as appropriate, and new finishes and electronic services throughout.

The project began with a small scope and modest budget.  However, the patron community the Library Foundation, and the Friends of the Pacific Grove Public Library rallied to raise almost four times their initial budget to fully realize their vision for their library.