Completed in 2021, the new Brisbane Library is located in the heart of the City’s commercial district. The building is unique in both its connection to the outdoors and San Bruno Mountain, while simultaneously fitting in well with the scale and proportions of the small-town streetscape. The naturally daylit spaces were designed to serve as the community’s living room with a wide variety of places to sit with a book, or to learn and socialize with others. The spaces are flexible to allow the building to adapt to changing technology and community needs. A community room that can be a part of the library during regular hours or serve the City during off hours is divisible into different smaller program areas or can expand internally and into the outdoor patios to create larger gathering space.

The entire site also serves as a demonstration of sustainable water practices with on-site rainwater collection from the roof for toilet flushing, stormwater detention in rain gardens, native plants and low flow fixtures. The building and grounds were designed to be equivalent to LEED Silver.