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Union Plaza Condominiums

KPa+d, in association with executive architect VBN, has completed schematic design for development of a two-acre city block in West Oakland, at the south end of the Hollis Street corridor. The site presently contains light-industrial workshops, but to the east it faces single-family homes and a small public park.

The plan calls for a phased, mixed-use complex of condominium row houses, apartments, and work-live lofts. This neighborhood has superb weather, and the central feature of this project will be a common park, accessible and secure to the residents.

We hope to create an island of community, with high-quality shared open space, a variety of unit types, and a mix of inhabitants and daytime users. The site’s proximity to Emeryville’s shops, jobs and services and freeway access could be a germ of civic life in this derelict corner of Oakland.


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